Textile Artist and Maker, Kitty Pennybacker combines knitting and weaving to create timeless textiles for the interior


Kitty Pennybacker is a textile artist whose work incorporates knitting and weaving, making textiles to live within the home, from wall hangings to blankets and knee throws. The work re-imagining the tartan and tweed fabrics of her childhood in North Yorkshire, England.

Kitty holds an MFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BA in Fashion Textiles Design from the University of Brighton. She has worked within the fashion industry in London and New York.


Neckerchief | Baby Blanket

100% Geelong wool, 62 cm x 92 cm

4 colours, 3 of each colour

Colour Stories explores colours through yarn blending.
A collection of light woollen fabrics that can be used as a neckerchief or a baby blanket.

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